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Company Movements

Dec 1990 Design Egg Ltd was established - Takarazuka City
Jan 1994 Our sales office moved to Itami City
Jan 2005 Head office was moved to our self designed office

Prize History

・ May, 1983 Mainichi Newspapers sponsorship
DAS design competition prize won.
●Award history from 1983 to the present
・ Ministry of International Trade and Industry, minister
official-recognition "Japan good design prize" 25 awards
・ The Osaka selection goods prize 2 awards
・ The Kyoto selection goods prize 3 awards
・ Winning three kinds of Kyoto excellent technical prize articles
●Recent years
・ November, 1996
4 items accepted for "the version in the packaging design 1997
fiscal year of yearbook Japan" of Japanese package association
official recognition (rokusyousya publication).
・ January, 1998
Design goods selection-exhibit to British Science Museum.
・ October, 1998
It is awarded 1 item to the Ministry of International Trade and
Industry minister official recognition "a Japanese
good design prize".
・ November, 1998
Three items are awarded to the Kyoto selection goods prize
"excellent article design goods."
・ November, 1999
It is accepted for Osaka-sponsored "design competition Osaka
in the 1999 fiscal year" a "barrier-free section."
・ February, 2005
Three articles won "Kyoto medium and
small business excellent technical prize" in '05


  ●Business trip career
Domestic - Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto/Shikoku/ Hiroshima
International - U.S. (New York / San Francisco / Florida)
Europe (Italy / Britain / Paris / Germany)
  ●Overseas Design tuition (Holland, Denmark,
America) from overseas and a designer (China,America,Australia) is
engaged in international friendship business, such as charge, an a
curriculum / education / project.
  ● Logo design of third sector establishment FM radio station
"Hallo FM ITAMI", volunteer design participation. (1996)
Business career and Prize
Concept design
[G mark]=Good Design Award Prize

Life trend / style / Function
[SHARP][Panasonic][Kyoto Electronics][Kasco]
Barcelona Olympics Gaudi image shoes
[MIZUNO]--- Printing books "AXIS"
Fax/Telephone Concept design [Panasonic]


The trade fair exhibition hall booth design
Tokyo / Florida [Kasco]
Lighting Graffiti Exhibition [Panasonic]
International design exhibition [MIZUNO][Individual]
The Nanki Kumano exposition
”NTT hall” Multi-vision picture [NTT]
Information computer terminal [DIGI TECK]

Electric products

Microwave oven/ Videocassette recorder [SHARP]
Home security/ Calculator [SHARP-G mark]
For male/female Shaver/rice cooker/
Sphygmomanometer [National]
Massage chair [Panasonic-Japan medical apparatus]
CD & radio cassette recorder/Karaoke [Panasonic]
Floor & wall socket tap [Panasonic-G mark] [Setuyo]
Air-conditioner “Aeolis” [National-G mark]
Bar code/ card leading terminal machine/
Security printing counter apparatus
[Nippon Systems Development]

Sporting products

Skiing boots/ board [Hanson] [GROWHILL-G mark]
Tennis/badminton Racket [Hiroun-G mark]
Fishing shoes/ electric reel/ case [Shimano]
Golf bag / club / glove /etc. [MIZUNO] [Kasco]
Bicycle racing helmet [MIZUNO]
Baseball helmet [MIZUNO]

Lighting products

Public facility/ exterior one/ environmental lighting
[Panasonic-G mark]
Residence/ for stores In,outdoor lighting [Panasonic]
Desktop/ OA task light lighting
[National-Osaka selection goods]
Department stores Ceiling ceiling lighting [National]

Home products

Dressing table with shower function [National]
Automatic washing toilet seat [National]
Tupporware(microwave 2000) [Tupporware-G mark]

Personal products

Travel shaver with a world clock [National]
Shampoo & rinse [LION]
Household detergent / detergent for bus toilets/
Detergent for clothing [LION] [P & G]

Export & Import Product/OEM

Various analysis apparatus
[Kyouto Electronics-G mark's/ Kyoto selection goods
British chemistry museum exhibition]
Fashion/sports Bag [Mino Bossi], [Nazaleno]
Golf bag/glove/Ball [Kasco]

Environment/ furniture/ construction/ residence

Public facility and street furniture for parks
[National-G mark] [Setuyo]
Osaka Gas central commander room [Osaka GAS]
Exterior environment, monument (theme restaurant "Grand Place") [Shirayuki]
Underground shopping mall - Environmental - Sign Voluntary Environment Plan
(Osaka Kita-ku underground center "The DIA mall")
Multi-vision Display system [Panasonic]-INTEX Osaka]
Soccer institution design and Voluntary Environment Plan "S-Park" [SOKO]
Golf course environmental design - Short course [Naka 31 GOLF]
Furniture/Kitchen furniture
Two-household house design


Itami Microbrewing "Shirayuki beer" label design
Nagoya Microbrewing "Grand Place beer" label design[Shirayuki]
Printing books "a choice meal Kansai"
Sake label design [Shirayuki]
Restaurant Place mat design [Choujyugura][G.Place]
Pepsi cup 1997 "FUTSAL club championship"poster design and soccer digest advertising page [PEPSI] JR Nagoya station
Printing books "a soccer digest"
Amphenol Japan holder design [Amphenol Japan]
Construction company pamphlet & Stationery

Intertet/Web Design

Home Page design
[Konishi brewing incorporated company] [Inside of
Hyogo Prefecture HomePage - Human resources
development division] [Itami chamber of commerce]
[Itami area employment policy conference]
[All Japan naginata league]
[Umenisiki brewing incorporated company]
Printing books "Nikkei design" the Web. design that can win"